Ciao, sono Elisabetta!

While I am proud to live, love and learn in Australia, I am still enormously passionate about my home country, Italy.

Armed with a Masters in foreign languages and literature, over the years I have taught Italian to hundreds of students. I love witnessing that sense of achievement when they finally put together a sentence, get past the simple ’buongiorno’ and, with a giggle or two, actually have a conversation. Such a joy!

The Italian language remains a very musical gift I am lucky to have. My wish is for you to take that step, jump right in and explore this wonderful language.

Are you thinking of learning Italian?

Perhaps your grandparents were Italian, perhaps you just got a job that takes you to Italy every year, perhaps you just married an Italian. Or perhaps you have decided to learn Italian - full stop.

Join us here at elisabettascarabelli.com and take one of my course and be part of our community who love everything Italian.

Follow the blog and Facebook pages and make sure you participate.  After all, it’s in the participating that the learning happens.

How do I teach the online community?

I work with similar principles adopted in my classrooms with the added flexibility of the online world.

  • Do you have a preferred way of learning?

You actually learn best when you adjust your study to your preferred learning style. I encourage the use of several strategies, so that you can pick and choose the ones that work best for you and do more of them. If it’s singing along, grammatical rules, flashcards, writing, reading blogs… You will receive many ideas, suggestions and examples.

  • Have you felt overwhelmed in the past?

I love the challenge of simplifying concepts to the point where you access what you really need and don’t become overwhelmed. The aim is to get you talking and lower the initial barrier.

  • How do you keep up the motivation?

Keeping up your motivation is essential and every week you will have something to keep you pumped and motivated to grow in your knowledge of Italian: live webinars are an integral part to the courses.

If there is anything I can do to support you or add value to your learning, please send me a message via the Contact page.

A presto!

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