3 reasons to visit Amalfi coast

3 reasons to visit the Amalfi coast

The Amalfi coast is one those places in Italy you cannot leave out of your already exciting trip. And one of those spots in the world that will definitely take you breath away. It’s a 40 kms coastal stretch between the gulf of Salerno and the gulf of Naples.


Reason 1. Amalfi takes your breath away

This place promises and delivers spectacular views, feelings of luxury, sunshine, admirable architecture, human creativity, colours and limoncello. Several movies were inspired and set in this terrestial paradise (http://www.plazasorrento.com/en/top-10-films-set-in-amalfi-and-sorrento-coast)

The many colourful buildings are alternated by stairs, terraces, hidden beaches, small chapels and vineyards that, like a marvelous tapestry, create what Unesco named one of the World’s heritages.

Mountains filled with colourful houses plunge into turquoise water: you cannot ask for more.

 The Amalfi coast


Reason 2. Amalfi shows you what it's like to take over the world

Like many Italian coastal regions, wealth and history abound on the Amalfi coast. Between 839 and around 1200 A.D, the Ducato di Amalfi became the first of the 4 super power maritime republics: Venice, Genoa and Pisa later joined in Amalfi’s economical dominion of the Mediterranean sea. Amalfi attracted merchants, business people, artists, all converging to create immense wealth, eternal beauty and art. In a nutshell, the merchant class was the political class and artists... their PR departments.

Amalfi’s strategic position oversaw not only commercial exchanges in the Mediterranean sea, including Egypt and Bizantium, but was also influential in the Christian crusades of the Middle ages, hence providing further economical and political extension on other Mediterranean coastal powerhouses.

Unfortunately it was during several natural disasters in 1137 that the Amalfi republic discovered it had an Achilles’ tendon: flooding transformed this jewel in rivers of mud that took everything downhill into a raging sea, destroying sections of this area. To this date the Amalfi coast is subject to unfriendly flooding.

It was in those dreadful times that Pisa took over and became the next most influential maritime republic, as seen in this clever chart below.





Reason 3. Amalfi reminds you that life is beautiful

The choice of where to stay, how long to stay and what to do is immense. If you are feeling overwhelmed by its many attractions and cannot make up your mind, simply get there: let the place take you to the right hotel, the right restaurants, the right panoramic views, until you find the unforgettable feeling of overwhelming beauty. Packing too much into your holiday sometimes can become overwhelming, but Amalfi could be the perfect place to relax and really get that life is amazing.


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