4 free ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

4 ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

Here are four super cool and FREE ideas for expanding your Italian vocabulary. Try one or all of them and see how much progress you can make in little time!


1) Use the humble sticker note. This is the simplest and yet a very effective tool. Buy really nice sticker notes, write your new words on it and stick it onto the object it relates to. For instance, if you are learning the word bicchiere da vino, put the notes where you keep your wine glasses.

I also recommend writing full sentences or useful expressions, to make it easier to use. Place the notes near your bed, desk or in the toilet, so that you can practice them anytime and every day.  Once a word or expression is in, you can change those notes and add fresh new words and expressions.


2) Keep a journal with your new words and expressions. When you start learning, it's easy to fall in the trap of jotting down messy notes. From the beginning, group them by categories so you can create some kind of order. Your categories could range from food, introductions, directions, descriptive words about a person, and so on.

In a conversation, you could save so much time when quickly flicking to the right page or category and use all that library of vocabulary.


3) Songs. I learnt the most incredible phrases and words by signing along to English artists.  Musicians are amazing teachers. Pick a genre you love and if you don’t know what artists are in that genre, just post me a comment and I will provide the names of a few to choose from. 

Itunes is a fantastic library in that respect. Check out my How to learn some Italian using iTunes


4) Talk talk talk. I know what you are going to say: you don’t know anyone. Well, who says you need someone to practice your Italian? Practice your new words in the shower, in the car, with your patient partner. The more your brain will hear your saying them, the easier it will be for your brain to accept them and not resist.

For more tips, check out 5 tips for speaking like an Italian, even if you don’t know any Italian person. 

A presto


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