Cortona - flat shoes, chocolate festival and a rich cultural centre


Cortona was founded between the 700 and 600 BC. That is more than 2000 years ago.

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4 free ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

4 ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

Here are four super cool and FREE ideas for expanding your Italian vocabulary. Try one or all of them and see how much progress you can make in little time!

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What’s the difference between puoi and poi in Italian?

puoi and poi

One of the things learners of Italian will stumble across and possibly over are the two words puoi, which means you can and can you?, and the adverb poi, which means then, later.
It’s easy to mix them up because they look quite similar.

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Italian words that look the same: Male, mela, mele, miele, maiale!


This week I want to have a little bit of fun with some words that look very similar to each other, but which mean completely different things.

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Italian song of the month: Ligabue - "Il Sale Della Terra"

Italiansong Ligabue

Time to discover another song in the SONG OF THE MONTH series.

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How to pronounce the word ‘bruschetta’ and why that matters

Brischetta 2

Unfortunately, the Italian appetiser bruschetta is now appearing in nearly every menu all over the world. Why would I say ‘unfortunately’?

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What learning a new language gives you

What does a new language give you

Why bother learning a new language?

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Italian song of the month - Nek "Fatti avanti, amore"

Italiansong Nek

A month ago I started the Italian SONG OF THE MONTH series, a project that aims to introduce you to Italian songs to sing along to.

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Issimo (words ending with -issimo)

Issimo as in Bellissimo buonissimo carissimo

Bellissimo, buonissimo, carissimo...

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Why are you learning Italian?

Why learning Italian

What is this fascination with Italian, this lover that we wish to hold on tight and yet it escapes us?

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