Why are you learning Italian?

Why learning Italian

What is this fascination with Italian, this lover that we wish to hold on tight and yet it escapes us?

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Want your Italian to sound Italian?

Song of the Month ITALIAN

Where do you stand on singing when it comes to learning a language?

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How to make the dream “trip to Italy” come true

dream come true

As I tend to travel often to Italy, budgeting for my regular visit home is something I have to address and be on top of.

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How do you say 'what does it mean' in Italian?

what does it mean

Last week we learnt about the powerful “come si dice”, one of those sentences that can really boost and progress your Italian. Did you write it on a sticker note and practiced your "come si dice"?

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How do you say 'how do you say' in Italian?

how do you say

What a better way to start the year than with a sentence that opens many doors and gives you such power of communication!

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Wishes in Italian is Auguri

Buone feste

Let’s get ready for another Natale (Christmas).

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How to pronounce Italian correctly when there is no one around to help you

Dont give up with your Italian youve got it easy

Ever wondered if you are pronouncing an Italian word correctly? Do you think it is possible to actually practice sounds when there is no Italian person around helping you out?

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How to learn Italian verbs

Italian verbs

For anyone approaching a new language, verbs could be one of the most dreaded things. Why?

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4 Podcasts for learning Italian

4 Podcasts

I discovered the world of podcasts in February this year.

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Regional pride in Italy? It's alive and kicking

Regional pride in Italy Alive and kicking

Isn’t it great when your family gets behind you? Even better when they read your blog post each week! And even more appreciated, it's if their mother tongue is Italian and your posts are in English, right?

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