Do you too miss Italian food like crazy?

Do you miss Italian food like crazy

My family of origin lives in Italy, so what do you do? Visit them every year, of course!

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Follow the locals' advice: the enchanting village of Pofabbro (Italy)

The enchanting village of Pofabbro

It's not often that we find gems of beauty. And when we do, we want to tell the world.

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Is it hard to learn Italian?

Hard to learn Italian

We can pay people to do things for us, write for us, sell for us, speak for us. But we cannot have anyone, paid or unpaid, learn something for us. Unfortunately, we have to put the effort into the task if we want to learn it.

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Why do Italians look skinny, even when their national dish is pizza?

Skinny Italians

It was only at the end of week one of my visit to Italy this September that I found myself refolding my jeans back in the suitcase. Horror. They didn’t fit me anymore! After only one week?!

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Improve your Italian accent

Masculine Feminine

Many Italian learners think it’s impossible to grasp the Italian pronunciation. Let’s simplify a thing or two. You might not know that in Italian vowels are actually more important than consonants.

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Random thoughts of an Italian teacher

No one learner is the same2

I often find myself online searching for Italian resources that are easy, enjoyable and effective. I do this to get ideas and inspiration. To see what might be already out there and how it is doing. To avoid what doesn’t look good or is confusing.

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It's raining - Piove


Today, it’s raining - oggi piove

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How to apply goal setting tips to learning Italian

Goal setting2

This morning I attended a motivational speech and at the end of it I was pumped. It goes without saying that in our lives we need a kick forward every now and then - ideally every day. This was one of those.

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How to roll the R in Italian - try these tips

If you have started learning Italian you might have met the friendly ‘r’. I know, I know. It's not that simple to roll it.

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How to say I'm sick in Italian (and get well soon)

How to say Im sick in Italian

This week  I have had some kind of potent cold (raffreddore). What a great opportunity to learn how to say I’m sick in Italian!

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