Do you too miss Italian food like crazy?

Do you miss Italian food like crazy

My family of origin lives in Italy, so what do you do? Visit them every year, of course!

I'm on my way back to Australia and have wiped the few tears at the airport. What hits me the most after that is how much I will be missing the flavours of Italy.

Experiencing withdrawals of Italian food has become, alas!, a yearly experience for me.

For the next weeks, my taste buds will protest incessantly, my brain will be repeating the mantra ‘Italians do it better’, while my body will be coping with the now too familiar post-Italian-holiday diet.

Do you too miss Italian food like crazy?

You see, the problem is not that we can’t replicate Italian cooking. It’s that ingredients are often quite different, even when labelled 'Italian'. There is that one ingredient that will not be quite the same.

Any attempt at reigniting those memories through our taste buds often falls flat into a disappointing "it’s not quite the same”.

This year, though, I brought back a recipe that I can make to taste exactly like they do it in Italy.

My husband and I really dig Spritz. I'm not advocating drinking alcohol. In fact, you don’t need much of it at all. A sip alone will take you back to the piazza.

Spritz 2

A glass of Spritz - Photo courtesy of House and Garden

It’s an alcoholic aperitif that Italians sip in the hot afternoons of summer.

It’s quite popular in the Veneto region (North Italy), and its origins are quite interesting.

VenetoVeneto region - Image courtesy of Wikipedia

When Veneto was under Austria, during World War II, Austrian soldiers in Veneto’s taverns used to find the local wines too strong compared to the Austrian ones.

A dash of water was required. In fact, the German spritzen means squirt, splash. Italians tavern owners did that, but didn’t stop there.

Wine and water together? Not perfect enough. Italian refined this concoction, calling on their creative culinary skills.

So the story goes that after WWII, Prosecco replaced wine, while Aperol (a bright orange liqueur invented in 1919) became the primadonna in the Spritz club.

Aperol recipe

Prosecco + Aperol + ice + soda + slice of orange

Ecco lo spritz!

With this simple recipe, the feeling of being in Italy is magically brought back.

Everything stops for a second, as we say: "Ah! yes… Italy…"








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