How do you say 'how do you say' in Italian?

how do you say

What a better way to start the year than with a sentence that opens many doors and gives you such power of communication!


pronounced /kome cee dee-tze/

translated into “how do you say…?”

I particularly like this humble question because of the 3 things it gives you:

1. it increases your knowledge JUST LIKE THAT

2. it helps you keep the conversation going, even when basic

3. it gives you the confidence that you can learn and pick up ANYTHING in Italian


Come si dice let’s go shopping in italiano? Andiamo a fare spese

Come si dice I need more practice in italiano? Devo esercitarmi di piu`

Come si dice I love you? Ti amo

Endless possibilities AND you don’t even have to be an advanced learner to access and say complex sentences in Italian.


Of course if you live in Italy you can ask this question to an entire population and possibly get them to check and correct how you say it back.

But what if you don’t live in Italy. Whom do you ask this question to?

For those who don’t live in Italy, here are some ideas on how to use come si dice:

  • You could ask yourself come si dice and then attempt to reply. You might look silly at first, but when the time comes to ask this question FOR REAL (!) you will be well drilled and used to saying it!


  • Ask the question with each of your flashcards. For instance, you can look at the English word, then say the magic words come si dice and answer in Italian. Again this will give you plenty of practice and eventually confidence.


  • Use it with other online Italian students or your Italian learning community. This is a good way to help each other remember and practice come si dice.

Come si dice

Don’t forget to add this sentence to your notebook or a sticker note. Then put it in a visible place and repeat it when you see it, until it’s locked in.

What would you ask now that you have this tool?




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