How to apply goal setting tips to learning Italian

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This morning I attended a motivational speech and at the end of it I was pumped. It goes without saying that in our lives we need a kick forward every now and then - ideally every day. This was one of those.

Later in the day I thought about how to apply some of things I heard to wanting to learn Italian.

Here is the juice.

WHAT - what do you want to learn?

Singing in Italian

What's your what? If you want to achieve the goal of learning Italian, then the first thing is to decide WHAT is the actual goal.

If you are not specific, then your ‘learning Italian’ will become such an massive endeavour that you will never start it! Sounds familiar? I have done that, believe me.  

Some WHATs around learning Italian might sound like:

  • I just want to start and actually finish a course for once.
  • I want to say more than buongiorno when I meet my father-in-law
  • I want to write emails to my friend in Italian
  • I want to improve my pronunciation so I can sound more Italian when I sign Bocelli.

As you can see, the WHAT can be different for everyone. The more specific you are, the more achievable and tangible the outcome becomes. And you will start to see that it is not an insurmountable mountain.

REMEMBER, though: you are the one who must set this goal, as other people’s goals are hardly motivating.


WHEN - when are you going to start? (and finish?)


Have you been saying you want to learn Italian for weeks, months, or even years?

When are you actually starting? And what will tell you you are there and have achieved your goal?

Go on. Set the month, the week, the day, and make it happen. It’s the only way.


HOW - what tools will you need?


This is where you decide if one-on-one setting, a class, an online course, free or paid content are your tools. But, most importantly, it is the step where you decide which 5, 15, or 30 minutes of the day you are doing your Italian work.

I always advise my students to pick an evening, a morning or a lunch break and make that your fixed appointment with Italian.

You will be surprised at how things shift for you.

When I first started the live webinars, the evening of the webinar was chaos. I forced my daughter to stay in bed and threaten her if she interrupted my work. It was distressing for both of us. I had forgotten to communicate to her what was happening. Once I clarified what I was doing and what she could do that evening to keep herself occupied, things ran magically smooth. Outcome: I now love jumping onto the live webinars and I know that my daughter is calm in her bedroom. Things shifted for me.


WHY - why do you want to learn Italian?

Dollarphotoclub 61335187

Your WHYs will range from something clear in your mind to something inexplicable and more along the lines of "just because I love it.”

In my view, this last step is the most significant one. If you clearly know why you want to learn Italian, then it’s easier for your teacher to teach you and for you to learn. And of course, once again, it has to be nobody else's why but yours.


Over to you. (Tocca a te)


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