How to learn a ton of Italian vocabulary ... easily


Mamma mia! (OMG!) So many words to learn. 

No wonder it's easy to forget them and feel overwhelmed. There is only so many times you can read them over and over before you lose your patience, pack your bags (that is stop picking up anything Italian) and give up on your dream to learn the language.

Well, in this post I want to share a really cool tool I have used many times when learning new words: it’s the humble sticker note. mmmm…How do you use a sticker note to increase your vocabulary effortlessly?  In many ways.  

Try this one. Simply write your new word on a note and stick it onto the object it relates to. Are you learning the word bicchiere (glass)? Place the note where you keep your glasses. Every time you open the cupboard the word will be there to jolt your memory.


Recently, I decided to learn some Japanese as I wanted to re-experience what it felt like to be an absolute beginner again. Japanese was an easy choice for 2 reasons: I know nothing at all in Japanese and there is no Latin there to rescue me. Every time I share a tool with you or work on my content I want to retest my theories and refine the way I share these tools with you. The sticker placed near my bed had the word ‘oyasumi’ (goodnight). That evening I practiced my ‘oyasumi’, fighting the urge to laugh when my husband kept replying: bless you!

The result? Now I cannot forget it. It’s in!

To make this tool even more effective and communication-oriented, write simple expressions that you will be very likely to use. Back to the glass example, seeing the phrase Mi da` un bicchiere, per favore? (Could you give me a glass, please?) on the sticker note will help you memorise that expression very easily and....forever. I swear.

The good thing is that once the word or expression is in (in your long term memory, that is) you can replace those stickers with fresh new words and expressions, so you can never get bored.

Get a whole bunch of them because you are going to need them once you start seeing the results.

A presto (see ya!)


PS: Keep all the old notes: you can use them as own-made flashcards!


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