Italian song of the month: Ligabue - "Il Sale Della Terra"

Italiansong Ligabue

Time to discover another song in the SONG OF THE MONTH series.

This one was recommended to me by my sister who I really didn’t know liked this artist: Ligabue.

One good trait of this song is the repetition of siamo (we are) and, as you know, when it comes to languages repetition is a big part of the game.

Click on the image below to listen to the song, sing along or simply follow as the lyrics run through.

 Italiansong Ligabue


For my beginners out there, siamo is from the verb essere (to be), more specifically:

sono - I am

sei - you are

e` - he/she is

siamo - we are

siete -you are

sono -they are


And for those who love ancient languages like myself, in Latin the verb to be (esse) goes like this:








Similar, aren’t they?


The text is very dense and dramatic and you can read the English translation here. Click on the image.



The title of this song comes from a passage of the New Testament, in which people are likened to the ‘salt of the earth’, giving taste to things. The New Testament raises the question: ‘when the salt loses its taste, how would we give taste to things (make something salty)?”. If humanity loses its humanity, what would make us human?

The song proceeds with a long list of not-so-nice behaviours we have been displaying in the field of politics, economy, and society in general.

Salt is also used to make land infertile, another powerful image that reinforces the description of a modern societal crisis.


There you have it. Sing along, pick up a new word, put a new sentence on a sticky note, and make it yours.

Thanks to my followers for another useful, interesting and beautiful Italian song.






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