Italian song of the month - Nek "Fatti avanti, amore"

Italiansong Nek

A month ago I started the Italian SONG OF THE MONTH series, a project that aims to introduce you to Italian songs to sing along to.

Usually lyrics, translation and some grammatical explanations accompany my selection.

I hope these will assist you with learning Italian through music.

Because that's how I learnt tons of words and verbs in English, loving EVERY MINUTE of it.

This month's choice is a fairly new creation (2015) by the Italian musician, singer and songwriter Filippo Neviani.

Stage name: Nek.

Fatti avanti, amore means come forward, my love. Click on the image below to listen to the song.

Italiansong Nek


I simply love the clarity of his voice, the energy, the lyrics and, come on! can you not sign along to this song?


Click on the image below to view the full text with English translation.



How to best utilise this song? you could learn some body parts in Italian - check out these sentences from the song:

Abbiamo gambe per fare passi (we have legs to take a steps)

Abbiamo bocche per dare baci (we have mouths to kiss)

Siamo due braccia con un cuore (we are two arms with a heart)

Abbiamo mani per afferrarci (we have hands to grab each other)

Abbiamo occhi con cui vediamo (we have eyes to see)


In other words, we are made to love = siamo fatti per amare

Did you like this selection?





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