After the move ... time to start again


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Well well well.

I cannot believe it’s been un mese /oon meh-zeh/ since I last posted and I blame the house move, topped up by a lot much needed renovation of the new house.

Exhaustion and sickness were my companions in those days. Esaurimento e malattia.

But everything seems to find or have found its place. A lot has left my life: old clothes (strange, none of those were of Italian brands!), old plates and accessories and a ton of stuff that didn’t fit or I was really sick of carrying around.

So, I’m off to a new and fresh start.

Si ricomincia - we start again!

I like the expression si ricomincia.

Si = one

ricomincia= starts again, from ricominciare (cominciare means start, commence and ricominciare means recommence)

In English when we want to say that we are repeating something we add the prefix re- to the beginning of the verb, while in Italian we add ri pronounced /ree/.

Some examples:


Rifacciamo tutto da capo (let’s do it all again from the beginning)

Facciamo ->rifacciamo


Rimanda la email, per favore (resend the email, please)



Rileggi la frase (read the sentence again, reread the sentence)



Simple, isn't it? Just make sure you pronounce the prefix ri as /ree/.

Can you think of an example that you can use today even if no one will understand you?


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