It's raining - Piove


Today, it’s raining - oggi piove

And here is how you say it /oh-g-ee pee-oh-veh/

It’s bizarre, but every time I see rain, the song “Piove” by Jovanotti comes to mind. Then I start singing and it all feels happier.

Check it out in this video, which you can sign along to, then tell me if I’m not right.

Video courtesy of Flavio di Lascio

For a translation check Lyrics Translate- Piove


It’s a catchy song of the prolific artist Jovanotti who in his simplicity and honesty has dominated the Italian rap, hip hop and funk scene for decades. Jovanotti represents the '80s, the '90s, and he is not done yet.

He is what you call true blue “young at heart” - un giovane dentro.

If you are thinking of learning Italian, perhaps you can find some fun and lightness in singing along with Jovanotti. You will discover that his uncomplicated words speak of our most human experiences. This is the beauty of this artist. Jovanotti is a jewel of happy art. And that's why when it rains, his song in my head makes things feel and look better.

Why am I writing about this artist in a blog dedicated to lovers of Italy?

For 4 reasons really.

  1. Because oggi piove.

  2. Because he is a modern artist who has touched the lives of many young and not so young Italians. We can therefore refer to him as 'Italian heritage'.

  3. He is a pacifist voice in Italian society.

  4. Finally, because his songs are clear and simple. Often the chorus is repeated enough times to make it so easy to sing along. So, his songs can help you not only pick up but also retain lots of the Italian language.

Tu che dicevi che non pioveva più!

Che ormai non ti saresti mai più innamorata!

(And you, who said it wouldn't rain anymore!

That you would never love again!)

Jovanotti remains for me a source of happiness, a stand for peace and the flavour of youth that pervades everything one does. Worth celebrating on a rainy day.


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