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Song of the Month ITALIAN

Where do you stand on singing when it comes to learning a language?

I personally think it’s the easiest, most fun and fastest way to:

  • pick up new words
  • put together full sentences
  • speed up your speaking
  • and improve your accent!

Enough said.

For this reason, I have decided to dedicate one post a month to an Italian song.

The intention is to introduce you to Italian artists and beautiful lyrics that hopefully will make your heart and lips sing... in Italian.

The "SONG OF THE MONTH" series is born. Yey!

Now. Everyone has their particular (and at times opposite-to-ours) taste in music. Possibly mine is one of the least "popular" and "commercial": we are talking rap, hip hop, techno... I guess the repetition in the lyrics is what I like about these genres. After a while I can join in and sing along.

But, for this series, I’ll make an effort and pick songs that many of you will love. (I hope so, anyway)

Grab my first pick of the crop by clicking on the image below:

Song of the Month Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli - Con te partiro` (With you, I will leave)

Come on. Who didn't get goose bumps???

If you didn't like my choice, here is what you have to do to pick your song of the month (and  maybe let me know so I share it with others):

-Jump on YouTube

-Search for one of these:

Canzone italiana con testo” (Italian song with lyrics)

Canzone in italiano con parole" (song in Italian with words)

or, better still, the singer and title, if known to you.

Make sure that 'con testo', 'con parole' or even 'with lyrics' feature in your search.  

Of course it would be majestic if you translated the song in English yourself, but if this is a little challenging for your level of Italian, then sites like Lyricstranslate will do it for you.


Andrea Bocelli - Con te partiro` (translation)


And you know what's even cooler than all this? Finding Italian lyrics AND English translation in the same video.

Andrea Bocelli - Con te partiro`(with English subtitles)


Let me know which version you prefer - and if you liked the song.

Buon ascolto!






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