How to learn some Italian using iTunes

Learn Italian using iTunes

Some people learn best when they listen to others. When others explain things to them, rather than having to read or write or memorise. Lectures, documentaries, explanations, YouTube videos and music are some of those tools and situation when you sit back, listen and learn.

Others prefer studying and working things out by themselves. Others again, just jump right in and learn as they go, through mistakes and trials.

I think I am drawn to the first group and when it comes to languages I tend to make recommendations coming from that learning style. For instance, a few times I talked about the incredible power of songs when it comes to learning Italian effortlessly and with fun.

This post is dedicated not only to Italian learners, but also to those of you who simply love Italian music and cannot find it in the local store.

A great place to find your favourite Italian music is the iTunes Store. It’s a virtual store, but one that has EVERYTHING... AVAILABLE NOW... IN YOUR SIZE... AT A FRACTION OF A PRICE.



iTunes is an app that can be downloaded on your PC (mac or windows), Iphone, and Ipad.

If you have already downloaded apps before, then you know the drill.

Once downloaded on your Iphone, Ipad or computer, open it and go to the Store button/tab.

Scroll right down to the bottom of your iTunes store page and and click on Select country.

Change your location to the country that speaks your target language - Italian, in our case.

The page will reconfigure itself to provide you exclusively with Italian content.

Ecco fatto! (all done!)

Benvenuti nel mondo della musica, cinema e podcast italiani!

(Welcome to the world of Italian music, movies and podcasts!)

Release dates, genres, authors... you can search, trial the merchandise, listen to entire songs and ... lose yourself in the world of Italian music.

Did I mention that you have also access to Italian movies and podcasts?

But that's not all. You can buy anything you see too (in euro!) and create your own playlists.

Once you purchase a song, you will be able to listen to it FOREVER, which means repetition, which means that now you can learn Italian words, sentences, expressions and use them at the speed of Italian natives.

Do you know what else is possible?

Here are more ideas on how to use Italian music to create an Italian atmosphere:

  • listen to your music in the car
  • organise an Italian movie night
  • accompany an Italian song with the piano or another instrument you play
  • have your playlist play in the background of an Italian feast …


Want to learn Italian and are not sure where to start from? Let's chat:

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