Learn Italian words to use this summer in Italy

Summer things 2

I’ve put together some summer-related items in the picture above as visuals are always helpful. Can you name any without reading further?

If you could name a few - bravo and brava!

If you need a hand, then read on and play along with me.


Below is the list of words in Italian.

See if you can work out which one is which. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how many you can actually guess.

This is because Italian and English have many commonalities thanks to the wonderful Ancient Latin.

The solution is right below.


Gli occhiali da sole

Le infradito

La valigia

Le conchiglie

La crema solare

Il passaporto

Il costume (da bagno)

Il cappello di paglia

Did you guess any? Is there anything in the the way these words look that can help you work out what they mean?

Let’s go through each:


Gli occhiali da sole (pronouced /llee okeealee dah soleh/) means sunglasses.

Here the Latin word for eye “oculum” might come in handy to understand the word occhiali. Just think oculist, ocular, and binocular. So occhiali is the object you put on your eyes.

As for da sole, just think solar. ‘Glasses for sun’ then becomes sunglasses!


Le infradito (pronounced /lee een-frah-dee-toh/) means thongs.

It literally means “intra digits”, between toes. The feminine plural article le is used here because the word ciabatte (slippers) which is supposed to be there was dropped off as a little redundant. The full word to describe thongs is therefore le ciabatte infradito or simply le infradito.


La valigia (pronounced /lah vah lee-djee -ah/) means suitcase.


Le conchiglie (pronounced /lee kon-kee-llee-eh/) means shells.


La crema solare (pronounced ‘lah kreh-mah soh-lah-reh/) means sun scream.

This is pretty self explanatory as the words ‘cream’ and ‘solar’ give enough clues.


Il passaporto (pronounced /eel pahss-ah-pohr-toh/) means passport


Il costume (da bagno) means swimsuit, bikini. Pronounced /eel koh-stoo-meh/

Il cappello di paglia (pronounced /eel kap-pehl-loh dee pah-llee-ah/) means straw hat, cappello is hat and paglia is straw.

Now look at the picture below and see if you can name at least a couple:

Can you say any of these words?


In this second image we have gli occhiali da sole, l'olio solare, il costume, la borsetta (pronounced /lah bohr-seht-tah/, a small purse)

I hope this post helped you learn new Italian words today.

Don't forget to leave me a comment below especially if you wish to add even more summer words.

Buona vacanza (happy holiday)





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