What learning a new language gives you

What does a new language give you

Why bother learning a new language?

From brain exercise, to understanding your in-laws, to travel,... yes these are all valid.

But learning a language for me is all about personal expansion, openness, growth.

It’s about putting aside the confidence that we know it all and becoming humble again, so that others can teach us.

When I moved to Australia, I was armed with the simple

“Hi, my name is Elisabetta, what’s your name?”

complemented by a sprinkle of grammatical rules.

The world suddenly had become a pretty scary place. By choice, yes, but still a scary and uncomfortable place.



The confidence gained from mastering English (even if I am far from done) comes to the rescue when I face the challenge of learning new things.

When you learn a new language, you also learn discipline, how to manage your time, what tricks work for you for remembering things, how to ask questions and how to ask for help.

It goes beyond the language, doesn't it?

If you are scared about learning Italian, if you doubt whether you can do it or not, if you have invented excuses for avoiding it, if you think you don't have time ... well, these are normal reactions.

But don't forget to think about how the world is on the other side. When you recognise this about yourself: that anything is possible and you can do it.


PS: If you choose to learn Italian, all that is left to to decide is how much fun to have in the learning process. Courses available is where you'll find my online programs. Check them out!

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