Follow the locals' advice: the enchanting village of Pofabbro (Italy)

The enchanting village of Pofabbro

It's not often that we find gems of beauty. And when we do, we want to tell the world.

That's because feelings of joy, excitement, and marvel make us become almost kids again. We just run around saying “oh wow, look at this one” and “check that out” and “Mum! dad! Isn’t this cool?”

That day, I listened to my brother’s recommendation. He lives one hour from the place I'm taking you today.

So, I listened to him and arrived to the small town of Pofabbro. Then, my jaw dropped.


Pofabbro 2


What was I doing when I used to live in Italy? How come I didn’t know about this place?!


Elisabetta a Pofabbro

Located in the valley of Colvera at the feet of the Dolomites (Friuli, North Italy), this stone-built village is nothing short of magical.

Kids can safely run around the narrow maze-like streets, cars barely fit, steps and stairs take you to intriguing places, closed shutters make you wonder if anyone is still living there.

Bambini a Pofabbro


After the 1976 earthquake in this region (I was in its epicentre, that year!) many houses have been restored, while others have been abandoned. And most of the better looking ones are now holiday houses.

What is striking about this place is the silence, quiet, stillness.

The typical image we have of abandoned villages is of sadly rotting down buildings, that make you wonder if people ever lived there. But not Pofabbro.

It's almost like all its residents have just left for the day: the place looks pristine, tidy, perfect.

Piazzetta di Pofabbro

Pofabbro is considered one of the 100 most beautiful ‘borgo’ (village smaller than a village) of Italy.

But, its beauty and uniqueness seem to come alive during Christmas time. A tradition that started I don’t know when takes this borgo by storm.

On windows, balconies, niches, under roofs and on walls… there is a shower of nativity scenes created with the most amazing material, all born of Italian creativity, tradition and ingenuousness.

Presepi di Pofabbro


It’s a kind of magic.

Maybe we should always listen to the locals!


PS: Yep, this guy was driving in these streets.

Macchina a Pofabbro




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