Only this flower takes me to Italy

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Last Sunday I was sitting at the coffee shop in my Australian home town. The sun was shining, my coffee was yummy and my daughter was making me laugh. Life was just great.

Then all of a sudden as I looked down the balcony of this busy cafe, my eyes caught sight of a large pot of geranium flowers.

Now, I’m not big on flowers' names and I could not possibly name more than 5 and yet this is one that it’s hard to forget for me.

It’s the flower that immediately, automatically and without fail takes me back to Italy. In an instant. I saw an Italian summer, the warm weather, sitting in piazza with friends, until late in the night. Ah, geranium!    

And just like that, I pulled myself back from this state of daydreaming and returned back to the busy, happy coffee shop in Australia.

If you have been to Italy, your camera would surely have captured amazing balconies filled with red geranium flowers.

So, I'm thinking...if you want to daydream of Italy (more often that you are already doing), surround yourself with a plant or two of geranium. Your balcony is the perfect place, but if you don’t have one, a pot on the stairs or near the entrance will definitely do the job.

Oh, I almost forgot. Geranium in Italian is geranio /geh-rah-nee-oh/


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