Latin lover- can Ancient Latin teach you Italian?


I love the Ancient Latin language - Many Italian words, expressions and verbs originated from Ancient Latin. I fondly remember the days at school when we had to translate many a passage from Latin into comprehensible Italian sentences: terrifying, challenging and yet thrilling when those sentences finally made sense.

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4 free ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

4 ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

Here are four super cool and FREE ideas for expanding your Italian vocabulary. Try one or all of them and see how much progress you can make in little time!

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How to pronounce the word ‘bruschetta’ and why that matters

Brischetta 2

Unfortunately, the Italian appetiser bruschetta is now appearing in nearly every menu all over the world. Why would I say ‘unfortunately’?

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How do you say 'how do you say' in Italian?

how do you say

What a better way to start the year than with a sentence that opens many doors and gives you such power of communication!

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4 Podcasts for learning Italian

4 Podcasts

I discovered the world of podcasts in February this year.

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Is it hard to learn Italian?

Hard to learn Italian

We can pay people to do things for us, write for us, sell for us, speak for us. But we cannot have anyone, paid or unpaid, learn something for us. Unfortunately, we have to put the effort into the task if we want to learn it.

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How to apply goal setting tips to learning Italian

Goal setting2

This morning I attended a motivational speech and at the end of it I was pumped. It goes without saying that in our lives we need a kick forward every now and then - ideally every day. This was one of those.

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What Red Hot Chili Peppers have got to do with learning verbs

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I still remember the days when learning English verbs was a never ending repetition of rules and, of course, copious amounts of exceptions. Don’t you find the same when trying to learn Italian verbs or any verb for that matter?

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How to learn a ton of Italian vocabulary ... easily


Mamma mia! (OMG!) So many words to learn. 

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