Meet Gina: someone who knows all about Italian food and happiness

Italian food and happiness

Introducing Gina Andracchio, a food lover like no other. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did. Elisabetta

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How to pronounce the word ‘bruschetta’ and why that matters

Brischetta 2

Unfortunately, the Italian appetiser bruschetta is now appearing in nearly every menu all over the world. Why would I say ‘unfortunately’?

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Do you too miss Italian food like crazy?

Do you miss Italian food like crazy

My family of origin lives in Italy, so what do you do? Visit them every year, of course!

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Why do Italians look skinny, even when their national dish is pizza?

Skinny Italians

It was only at the end of week one of my visit to Italy this September that I found myself refolding my jeans back in the suitcase. Horror. They didn’t fit me anymore! After only one week?!

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How to read an Italian menu

Although you might already know a few Italian dish names, looking at a Italian menu for the first time might feel a little daunting. Especially with no translation!

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6 places in Australia where you will find only authentic Italian food

Spaghetti 2

I’m no food expert, but I get really disappointed when I walk out of an "Italian" restaurant with my plate still full and my belly ... half empty. It is such a shame to see the word Italian flashing in big letters above the entrance of an enticing eatery, when it is clear that no one (owner, chef, staff, ...) has ever set foot in Italy to learn the art of authentic Italian cooking. I wonder if they have ever seen white butter or white mozzarella, ever tasted creamless gelato or fresh ‘passata di pomodoro’.

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What wouldn’t you do for Italian pastries - Pasticcini italiani

That evening my husband brought home some pasticcini, small delicious Italian pastries sold in the pasticceria. This is what happened next.

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Three words my husband will never say about my food

Dollarphotoclub 39029714

“This tastes great!”. My husband will never say that about the food I cook because … I am not your average Italian: I don’t cook. I am not like those aliens (sorry, I meant people) who RELAX when they sweat behind the stove, dietro i fornelli. Cooking stresses me. In fact, as soon as I turn the gas on I really feel like a 90-year-old person who turns the computer on… no idea what to do next (ok, I am not talking about those 90-year-old “freaks of nature” who know how to send emails!)

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