How to say good luck in Italian (and what to answer back)

This video gives me the giggles as while I was recording it I was also teaching my daughter how to say good luck in Italian.

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"I can't wait" in Italian is "Non vedo l'ora"

I cant wait in Italian 1

"I can’t wait" is possibly one of those things that students ask to learn in the first few hours of an Italian course. So, forget grammar and rules - I wanna know how to say this now. Because you just can’t wait to go to Italy, you can’t wait to visit Florence and, most certainly, you can’t wait to taste Italian food.

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8 tips for choosing an Italian ONLINE course

Tips for choosing Italian online course

Want to learn Italian ONLINE? Unsure about what course is right for you?

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Explain to me the difference between arrivederci and arrivederla?


Arrivederci and arrivederla...I know that many of you find that these two words cause a little bit of confusion. As always, let's break things up a little to make them more digestible.

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“Un sacco di roba” (a bag of stuff) is the best way to say "I'm busy" in Italian


Sono occupatissima (I am very busy), Sono piena di lavoro (I have a lot of work to do), Ho tanto da fare (I have a lot to do)... these are ok and common ways to say that you are busy, but they are not as good as this next expression:

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4 free ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

4 ways to increase your Italian vocabulary

Here are four super cool and FREE ideas for expanding your Italian vocabulary. Try one or all of them and see how much progress you can make in little time!

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How to make the dream “trip to Italy” come true

dream come true

As I tend to travel often to Italy, budgeting for my regular visit home is something I have to address and be on top of.

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How do you say 'what does it mean' in Italian?

what does it mean

Last week we learnt about the powerful “come si dice”, one of those sentences that can really boost and progress your Italian. Did you write it on a sticker note and practiced your "come si dice"?

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How do you say 'how do you say' in Italian?

how do you say

What a better way to start the year than with a sentence that opens many doors and gives you such power of communication!

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