Wishes in Italian is Auguri

Buone feste

Let’s get ready for another Natale (Christmas).

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How to pronounce Italian correctly when there is no one around to help you

Dont give up with your Italian youve got it easy

Ever wondered if you are pronouncing an Italian word correctly? Do you think it is possible to actually practice sounds when there is no Italian person around helping you out?

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How to learn Italian verbs

Italian verbs

For anyone approaching a new language, verbs could be one of the most dreaded things. Why?

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4 Podcasts for learning Italian

4 Podcasts

I discovered the world of podcasts in February this year.

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How to roll the R in Italian - try these tips

If you have started learning Italian you might have met the friendly ‘r’. I know, I know. It's not that simple to roll it.

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How to say I'm sick in Italian (and get well soon)

How to say Im sick in Italian

This week  I have had some kind of potent cold (raffreddore). What a great opportunity to learn how to say I’m sick in Italian!

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How to read an Italian menu

Although you might already know a few Italian dish names, looking at a Italian menu for the first time might feel a little daunting. Especially with no translation!

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How to say 'good luck' in Italian and what to answer

Learn these 3 simple ways to say GOOD LUCK in Italian (Buona fortuna!, In bocca al lupo! and in culo alla balena!)

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5 tips for speaking like an Italian, even if you don’t know any Italian person

Dollarphotoclub 77564198

Do you want to sound like an Italian? Or as close to one as possible? Then I’m afraid you really need to open your mouth… you need to practice speaking. And if you are thinking “…but I don’t know anyone who speaks Italian”, then read on. I have some tips for both  extroverts and introverts.

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What Red Hot Chili Peppers have got to do with learning verbs

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I still remember the days when learning English verbs was a never ending repetition of rules and, of course, copious amounts of exceptions. Don’t you find the same when trying to learn Italian verbs or any verb for that matter?

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