3 reasons to visit Amalfi coast

3 reasons to visit the Amalfi coast

The Amalfi coast is one those places in Italy you cannot leave out of your already exciting trip. And one of those spots in the world that will definitely take you breath away. It’s a 40 kms coastal stretch between the gulf of Salerno and the gulf of Naples.

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Cortona - flat shoes, chocolate festival and a rich cultural centre


Cortona was founded between the 700 and 600 BC. That is more than 2000 years ago.

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Follow the locals' advice: the enchanting village of Pofabbro (Italy)

The enchanting village of Pofabbro

It's not often that we find gems of beauty. And when we do, we want to tell the world.

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Only 3 days in Rome? Here are my tips!

blog on rome

I was asked what to do in Rome in only 3 days! A challenge, indeed: how to cull all those things to do, see, taste and photograph in a mere 3 days ... In the end, I put together a list that looks like this.

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Palmanova: who would build a city like this?

It’s Renaissance times (1500-1600 AD). Picture an architect and an artist having a beer in a tavern. I think the conversation went a little like this.

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