What’s the difference between puoi and poi in Italian?

puoi and poi

One of the things learners of Italian will stumble across and possibly over are the two words puoi, which means you can and can you?, and the adverb poi, which means then, later.
It’s easy to mix them up because they look quite similar.

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Italian words that look the same: Male, mela, mele, miele, maiale!


This week I want to have a little bit of fun with some words that look very similar to each other, but which mean completely different things.

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How to pronounce the word ‘bruschetta’ and why that matters

Brischetta 2

Unfortunately, the Italian appetiser bruschetta is now appearing in nearly every menu all over the world. Why would I say ‘unfortunately’?

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How to pronounce Italian correctly when there is no one around to help you

Dont give up with your Italian youve got it easy

Ever wondered if you are pronouncing an Italian word correctly? Do you think it is possible to actually practice sounds when there is no Italian person around helping you out?

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Is it hard to learn Italian?

Hard to learn Italian

We can pay people to do things for us, write for us, sell for us, speak for us. But we cannot have anyone, paid or unpaid, learn something for us. Unfortunately, we have to put the effort into the task if we want to learn it.

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Improve your Italian accent

Masculine Feminine

Many Italian learners think it’s impossible to grasp the Italian pronunciation. Let’s simplify a thing or two. You might not know that in Italian vowels are actually more important than consonants.

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How to roll the R in Italian - try these tips

If you have started learning Italian you might have met the friendly ‘r’. I know, I know. It's not that simple to roll it.

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What Red Hot Chili Peppers have got to do with learning verbs

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I still remember the days when learning English verbs was a never ending repetition of rules and, of course, copious amounts of exceptions. Don’t you find the same when trying to learn Italian verbs or any verb for that matter?

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