Latin lover- can Ancient Latin teach you Italian?


I love the Ancient Latin language - Many Italian words, expressions and verbs originated from Ancient Latin. I fondly remember the days at school when we had to translate many a passage from Latin into comprehensible Italian sentences: terrifying, challenging and yet thrilling when those sentences finally made sense.

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8 tips for choosing an Italian ONLINE course

Tips for choosing Italian online course

Want to learn Italian ONLINE? Unsure about what course is right for you?

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What learning a new language gives you

What does a new language give you

Why bother learning a new language?

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Why are you learning Italian?

Why learning Italian

What is this fascination with Italian, this lover that we wish to hold on tight and yet it escapes us?

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Random thoughts of an Italian teacher

No one learner is the same2

I often find myself online searching for Italian resources that are easy, enjoyable and effective. I do this to get ideas and inspiration. To see what might be already out there and how it is doing. To avoid what doesn’t look good or is confusing.

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