Random thoughts of an Italian teacher

No one learner is the same2

I often find myself online searching for Italian resources that are easy, enjoyable and effective. I do this to get ideas and inspiration. To see what might be already out there and how it is doing. To avoid what doesn’t look good or is confusing.

And often, I find something that is exactly what I had in mind, if not much better that I thought!

The first reaction might be the one of:

Cavolo! Esiste gia`

(Damn! It already exists)

But what follows is always a feeling of admiration for the creator of that resource, video, headline.

A teacher must remember that no two learners are the same - Tweet that

Each one of us is constantly interpreting information differently.

And this is the nature of learning. Have you ever experienced listening to the same explanation but from a different person and finally get it?

Ah! The beast of learning and teaching. For me, music remains the best way to learn languages. But, I know that for my sister, currently studying English, listening to inspiring sentence (aka Bruce Lee's) or to someone reading and dictating are most effective and enjoyable. No two learners are the same.

In this context, it becomes an advantage to view your 'competitors' as ‘collaborators’.

The goal remains the one of spreading the Italian language, understanding the Italian culture, and, most importantly, it’s about being open to the different.



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