Three words my husband will never say about my food

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“This tastes great!”. My husband will never say that about the food I cook because … I am not your average Italian: I don’t cook. I am not like those aliens (sorry, I meant people) who RELAX when they sweat behind the stove, dietro i fornelli. Cooking stresses me. In fact, as soon as I turn the gas on I really feel like a 90-year-old person who turns the computer on… no idea what to do next (ok, I am not talking about those 90-year-old “freaks of nature” who know how to send emails!)

Pot is on, water is boiling and onion is chopped up ... then panic sets in.

“A recipe, sweetheart. Ever tried one of those?” you might say.

Well, when it comes to recipes, I somehow always end up skipping a line or an ingredient. I remember my first Madeira cake. They said 4 eggs, I only had one. Oh well, in you go. A disaster.

But, it’s not my fault, I swear. It’s in my genes. My grandmother, nonna Elisabetta (aka nonna Betty) ran a successful grocery shop towards the end of World War II, in Friuli, northern Italy. I later discovered she was quite the entrepreneur and was able to get her family out of debt, put money aside for her three children and who knows what else she accomplished. At lunch time, when the shop closed for 2-3 hours, nonna Betty would rush home, shove something on the table for her kids back from school, clean the house, wash the dishes and back she went to the shop.

To her, cooking equated to "hurry-up-I-need-to-wash-the-dishes". Funnily enough (or tragically enough, if you ask my husband) those are the same words I say to this date.

Don’t get me wrong: I love food. I love Italian food, to be precise. So I “tactically” married someone who loves cooking and I mean one of those people who doesn’t need a recipe, doesn’t need all the ingredients and hell! sometimes he doesn't need anything in the fridge to pull off some out of this world dishes. And I am not biased. Colleagues who tried his amaretti keep asking me when the next batch is coming. I’ve put together a quick video with some of his creations ...

As for me, I will keep singing his praises and clean the mess he invariably leaves behind in the kitchen - nonna Betty and I are so quick at that and we kind of love it!

But I’m up for a challenge. If you have Elisabetta-proof Italian recipes in mind, post them here. I’ll cook your recipe and publish the result! Promesso! (I promise!)


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