What wouldn’t you do for Italian pastries - Pasticcini italiani

That evening my husband brought home some pasticcini, small delicious Italian pastries sold in the pasticceria. This is what happened next.

We decided to make a video to introduce you to some of my favourite pasticcini.

While I apologise for the poor audio, I hope you caught the names of some key pasticcini, found pretty much all year round in every pasticceria of every Italian town. How lucky are we?!?!

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While many regions of Italy might have their own fascinating and unique specialties, you can find the one listed below pretty much everywhere. In order of preference:

Il cannolo alla crema pasticcera

Il cannolo siciliano

Il bigne`

Il baba` al rum

When is the best time to buy pasticcini?

Sunday morning, after mass. They are the freshest. For many Italians, it’s tradition to stop at the local pasticceria after mass, order a coffee and walk home with un vassoio di pasticcini (a tray of pastries) for after lunch. At least, that's what I grew up doing...every Sunday.    

Compared to Australian pastries, I find that Italian pasticcini are not as big and rich. Come to think of it, the difference is massive. After an Italian pasticcino, you definitely feel lighter, happier, satisfied and in heaven (perfect for after mass, right?). Ok, even if you don’t go to mass, next time you are in Italy, order your vassoio /vas-soh-ee-oh/ before heading back home and indulge in this unique work of culinary art.

But I wonder: have you found an Italian pasticceria near you? A hidden treasure it's time to share with all of us?


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