Why are you learning Italian?

Why learning Italian

What is this fascination with Italian, this lover that we wish to hold on tight and yet it escapes us?

You know the feeling you get when you jump over a fence. Leaving the comfort of your native language, across a paddock that belongs to someone else to explore the different views from over there.

What's over there? How far will you go? Will you get caught?


Reading in Tuscany


Learning Italian can be a little like that.

When you try on your first words, you get access to different sounds, different conversations and, most excitingly, you become a different person.

You are like an explorer in search of the next word.

Sometimes it can even feel like another life, with a new identity.

If you really ask yourself why on earth you are learning Italian, you will hear a little voice saying:

“Who cares? Andiamo! (let’s go!). Let’s jump the fence and explore!”

Why are you learning Italian?




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