Italian for Beginners (level II)

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  • Have you just RETURNED FROM ITALY and are missing it a lot?
  • Do you feel it's time to brush up on your Italian and PROGRESS on what learnt? 
  • Do you prefer a SELF-PACED environment?

Thanks to the 8 week Beginners level II you can brush up on the Italian already learnt and start progressing your conversation skills as well as knowledge of grammar.

This course is the follow up to the popular Italian for Travellers and a little less oriented to the activities and interactions of a tourist. 


This is for you if…

  • Have done at least one beginners Italian course (or Italian for Travellers)
  • Want to put together longer sentences
  • Want to build on grammar
  • Have the equipment to view and listen to videos
  • Understand English
  • Just love the Italian language!

This is not for you if…

  • Are an intermediate to advanced Italian speaker
  • Want to learn lots of grammar
  • Do not have equipment for viewing and listening to videos
  • Do not understand English

What you will get

Each week you will access short videos on conversation, grammar and pronunciation. You can view them as many times as you need.

These are complemented by easy exercises (I promise they are easy and one page only) and suggested activities for taking what you learnt out into the world. 


Hang on! How is this course different for any other online courses?

The secret is in the live sessions. That's right! Each course comes with three 30 minutes Skype live sessions. You can book them by emailing me within 2 months from your course registration. These will keep you super motivated. 

In these live sessions we practice, revisit the content and have fun.

These are optional, however I'm told they are very useful for reinforcing the learning and make it stick.

"The self-paced approach gave flexibility, and the webinars provided the opportunity
to practice with other learners, and have Elisabetta provide really specific feedback
on pronunciation, or tips for remembering how to say particular words or things. 
Elisabetta has such a good ear, it made the whole experience so valuable, expert and fun.  
Lots of laughs in the webinars, mainly at ourselves as beginners." (Roserina Murace)


"Grazie for the lesson tonight. I left with a smile on my face!" (Jacquie Pree)



What happens after you enrol?

You will access the course content and receive instructions for the weekly live webinar

and the Facebook group.

Any questions I have not answered?

Email me here


When I was planning my trip to Italy I asked Elisabetta if she would teach me some basic Italian to help me converse with people on my travels. Her lessons really helped me on my holiday to ask for directions, to order a meal and to arrange travel and accommodation. Elisabetta makes the lessons interesting, fun and challenging and I am still studying Italian with her 18 months on. Grazie mille Elisabetta!
Anna G.


It is important that you do the work as prescribed. Please check our Terms

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