Italian for Travellers (level I)

Getting ready for the trip of a lifetime
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  • Do you want to feel CONFIDENT you can hold basic conversations in Italian?
  • Have you felt overwhelmed in previous attempts at learning Italian and prefer a SELF-PACED environment?
  • Do you want EASY and BITE-SIZED lessons?

Thanks to the 8 week Italian for Travellers you can finally learn enough Italian words and building blocks to sustain basic interactions in Italian.

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This is for you if…

  • Are a beginner
  • Are going to Italy in the next few months
  • Want to learn some basic elements for conversation
  • Are interested in tackling some grammar
  • Want to try learning Italian and check out if this is for you
  • Have the equipment to view and listen to videos
  • Understand English

This is not for you if…

  • Are an intermediate to advanced Italian speaker
  • Want to learn lots of grammar
  • Do not have equipment for viewing and listening to videos
  • Do not understand English

What you will get

This course is an expanded version of the Crash Course. Each week you will access 3 short videos on conversation, grammar and pronunciation. You can view them as many times as you need.

These are complemented by easy exercises (I promise they are easy and one page only) and suggested activities for bringing out into the world what you learnt.

"This was the first time that I undertook learning a language in this format with online videos,
webinars, access to useful tips, and insights into contemporary Italian culture.
I found this approach refreshing with its variety of approaches to learning." (Roserina Murace) 



Hang on! How is this course different for any other online courses?

The secret is in the live sessions. That's right! Each course comes with three 30 minutes Skype live sessions. You can book them by emailing me within 2 months from your course registration. These will keep you super motivated. 

In these live sessions we practice, revisit the content and have fun.

These are optional, but here is what students said: 

Italian Course Beginners 2Italian Course Beginners



What do we cover each week?

Week 1 - In a coffee shop

Discover simple and memorable ways for asking for things

Week 2 - At a restaurant

Order a meal at a restaurant

Week 3 - At the hotel

Book an hotel room

Week 4 - When you meet someone

Introduce yourself and say what you like and don't like

Week 5 - On the streets

Ask for directions and understand instructions

Week 6 - Getting on the right bus

Catch public transport

Week 7 - Shopping

Shop for clothes

Week 8 - Timetables

Learn how to understand time




What happens after you enrol?

All content becomes available the moment you enrol.

You will also receive instructions for accessing the weekly live webinar and the Facebook group.

Any questions I have not answered?

Email me here


Start learning with me today

Enrol Now Elisabetta sitting down
In preparation for a trip to Italy, Elisabetta taught me some basic Italian phases, pronunciation and common conversations.
I enjoyed our sessions and would recommend Elisabetta to anyone.
During my trip I was pleasantly surprised when a café owner in Siena thought I was a local due to my grasp of Italian. Thanks Elisabetta!
ES avatar img
Ryan T.


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